3 in 1 Phone Holder + Capacitive Stylus + Ballpoint Pens


One side of this touch screen pens is a replaceable ballpoint pen, the other side is a capacitive stylus. The detachable pen cap is a simple mobile phone holder, which with a clip design, so easy to carry out. The pen's cap was made into a super simple phone holder, you can make your mobile phone stand up anywhere, for example, in the bedroom table, classroom desk, office, and dining-table. Very convenient to play games and watch movies. High quality soft rubber tip can be used on any touch screens devices of digital display products smoothly. QTY above 30000 pcs is based on sea shipping. Add a brand name or logo to the product and make it your next marketing giveaway.


Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Black, Pink

Price from $0.17 - $1.03

Pricing and Charges
Quantity Price Per Unit 100 -499 $1.03 500 -1999 $0.50 2000 -4999 $0.35 5000 -9999 $0.30 10000 -19999 $0.29 20000 -29999 $0.26 30000 + $0.17